gears-1236578_960_720When building new industrial buildings or for reconstruction and modernization of existing conducted the necessary architectural and construction activities to prevent the spread of the vibrations. When entering in the production of machinery, equipment and hand tools gives preference to those who generate less vibration, in compliance with the established norms. Unfortunately, before the process can not be made for all the problems that would arise. Some of the vibrations are negligible, but in most cases, they are a sign of a problem arising due to operation, corrosion, erosion, fatigue and many others. others. In addition to this, under the action of vibration in the body of employees, organic and functional changes occur in the circulatory system, in the Central and autonomic nervous system, bone-joint system and musculature. It develops the so-called vibration disease, which is a kind of neurosis. The study of this type of vibration is vital for the good work of the whole installation. The results of the analysis allow taking action to prevent harmful effects on mental state of emergency workers or more severe consequences.