144717083482319Damage to the piping lead not only to capital losses given the enormous loss of gas and oil, given non-elaboration of electrical and/or heat energy, but also sometimes accompanied by casualties and disruption of ecological safety.
Therefore, ensuring the reliability of the pipeline should start right from the design stage and continue the stages of start-adjusting tests and operation. Unfortunately, at the design stage is not always possible to determine all kinds of disturbing forces such as pulsations of pressure of the working fluid, the vibration of the bearing structures, turned on by the work of other machines, the emergence of hydrodynamic or aerodynamic resonances in the separate sections of the piping. Vibration parallel to the corrosion, defects in welded joints and the degradation of mechanical properties of the metal in the process of operation, are the main factors determining the reliability and resource the pipeline.


1fe8f3787curn-jpg-370-246-cc-dri-vbbme0ioiea1jtnc3gcVibration in piping arise from many factors such as thermal expansion and contraction, resonant frequencies, vibrations transmitted by the machinery and related equipment, pressure, movement of gas or fluid and many others. others. In many cases these vibrations lead to deterioration of the technical condition of all related items from the system, which reduces considerably the production process. After finding and measurement of vibration in piping measures should be taken to improve the vibrational State, which is expressed in the improvement of structures, foundations and attachment to them, adding dampers, thermal expansion, vibration, and other gasiteli.
“Irida – 22” Ltd. performs vibrocontrol and improves the vibratory state of pipelines in the chemical industry, power plants and others. The specialists in our organization are trained and have proven experience and skills in analyzing the factors that disturb the normal operation of pipe installations.