untitledIn any company, carrying out its activities using a variety of equipment, monitor periods of changing the condition of the machine. This is a consequence of reduced productivity, leading to financial losses. One of the best methods for establishing the problem is single vibrating condition assessment through a one-time measurement of vibrations. Thus reducing the time and cost of emergency services of the machines, as well as the risk of accidents and the effects of vibration on service personnel. Trained professional assess the technical condition visually and with the help of information provided by the contracting authority selects the appropriate equipment to perform the measurement, range of vibrations and the measurement method of vibration. After the procedure of measurement results are processed with specialized software, which allows comprehensive analysis of a vibrating condition.


When performing a one-time vibrocontrol, it is necessary to provide access to the machine or the equipment, to be in the normal operating mode, to provide data from previous measurements (if any), to provide details of the details of the machine or equipment (operating revolutions , type of working body – fan, turbine, etc., number of bearings, number of gear teeth, if any, type of coupling, if any, etc.), to ensure a safe working environment and personal protective equipment and more. All of the information, along with vibrocontrol data, is handled by vibration analysis software and the results are provided for further evaluation and planning for future repairs.
The method is effective for equipment and machinery, not subject to periodic vibrocontrol and variable operating mode.