Measurement of vibration over a certain period of time (offline) is one of the most common ways of diagnostics of machines, by means of the methods vibrodiagnostics. The measured parameters of vibration correlate with standard norms of European and world organizations. With the help of software, collect, display and archive the data from the measurements. In this way, register and track the presence and development of defects. Typical examples of such defects are: unbalance, damage in camp units, misalignment, clearances, non appropriate mode of operation, etc. The measurement is carried out with the help of special equipment – vibro analyzers.
Tracking of a vibrating condition of machines makes it possible to determine the actual condition and the prevention of emergency situations.


Offline method
Online structure for Vibro-control



The measurement can be carried out, and at any time, using the equipment and sensors, attached to the machine (online). The signals from the sensors fixed to the facility, are processed by computing machine (server) and powerful software. All the information is accessible from any workstation in the local network and other devices over the Internet through an encrypted and secure connection. The connection is through a personal user name and password, and each account has a different rights. The advantage of this method is the continuous access to data on the State of the machine, regardless of time and distance, construction of the trend in a continuous period of time.

Company “Irida-22” Ltd. has the necessary technical means for carrying out the measurement of vibrations and subsequent analysis.
We perform vibrocontrol of machines:
● a power of 1 kW to more than 10 MW,
● low speed and high speed machines
● turbines, turbochargers and industrial installations.

Staff with many years of experience and is trained in accordance with ISO 10816 and ISO 18436.Персоналът е с дългогодишен опит и обучен в съответствие с ISO 18436 и ISO 10816.