c38fe3eb-e6e6-4ab6-9a77-6b056149e2e5_400_300An important part of the technical control is a unilateral measure thicknesses, also known as ultrasonic thickness gauge. By broadcasting the ultrasonic wave and using the echo-impulse method is measured thickness of metallic or non-metallic materials, which can create corrosion card of pipes, for example system of pipes and container. The method is very effective in responsible structures in which has access only to one party, have a complex structure or work under high pressure.

The advantages of ultrasonic calipers are mobility – the devices are of small size, which allows measuring of hard-to-reach places, low consumption of materials and consumables, ecologically clean – it does not pollute the environment, does not break the working process – the tests are performed during operation, measurement – up to 0.01 mm, possibility of measurement through paint – in the presence of good adhesion and others.

This method makes it possible to evaluate the current thinning and of the results obtained to be assessed for the facility, in order to prevent emergency situations and preventive maintenance.