A key feature of thermography e use of infrared radiation of objects. All objects with a temperature above absolute zero radiate energy in the form of heat. Thermography, through appropriate instruments, captures the infrared radiation of the controlled item and visualized it using an image called thermograms. Thermograms are generated images, under which, for a given temperature the ce sets a particular color. Knowing the mechanisms of heat dissipation draw conclusions about the state of the controlled Item.


The characteristic of this method is that it can be applied to large areas, unlike other methods, which is a prerequisite for a low price. Moreover, the results are displayed at the time of application and can assess the status of the machine or installation without additional further analysis.

Our organization carries out the control for thermographycal control of:
– electronic engines;
– a condition of thermal insulation;
– electrical installations;
– bearing units;
– other heat-loaded machines and equipment;