korabThe smooth operation of the ship’s machinery is the desire of every crew. A prerequisite for this is the correct placement of all rotary parts are involved in the movement and driving of the vessel. Part of the actions to be taken are the measure of the propeller driven shaft to the gearbox, the gearbox to the main engine, the center of rotation, bearing the necks, the measurement of the flatness of the foundation frame and much more. Controls are carried out, and of other facilities that are not part of the drive as a measurement of the thickness of the walls, the measurement of the flatness of the towers for cargo cranes, inspection of welds, etc. Control of maintenance process, to include monitoring of all parameters is vitally important for the normal operation and prevent unforeseen situations. Of course, in sledremontniâ completion process is important to accomplish and vibrokontrol of engine, gearbox and other rotating elements and details.

“Irida – 22” LTD performs control with penetrating liquids of welded “Irida – 22” Ltd. performs control and measurement of lumen, laser geometric measurements, capillary control and others. By complying with the requirements for ultrasonic control and ultrasonic defibrillation, in accordance with ISO 14127, we guarantee accurate measurement and accurate results. An important part of the activities is vibrocontrol under certain conditions and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 20283 and ISO 10816 before, during and after the repair of the vessel.