kap1Capillary non destructive testing, even dubbed as “the method of penetrating fluids” serves for detection of defects on the surface of the finished products, which are not visible to the naked eye – these are the grinding cracks, fatigue cracks, shallow scratches dents, cracks and through other similar non-integrity. The method allows to obtain display traces of these defects, increase their contrast and visibly to enlarge their size so they are noticeable to the naked eye.


kap2 Restrictions:
1. Not detected cracks with dilated less than 1/20 of the depth and greater than 500 μm and 10 μm depth below. Minimum values depend on the quality of the surface
2. Not define the type and depth of non-integrity.
3. The dimensions of the indication does not correspond uniquely to the dimensions of non-integrity, set on the surface.

An important condition before control is the surfaces to be cleaned of all kinds of stains, paints, varnishes, primers, grease, rust, etc., and then clean the area sprayed or men with penetrant. Usually the time of inspection is up to several minutes, depending on the area, making it the preferred method worldwide.

“Irida – 22” LTD performs control with penetrating liquids of welded joints, castings, forgings and machine parts through color – contrast and fluorescent penetrating liquids.