Thermographic control for:
– overheating of electric motors;
– overheating of bearings;
– overheating of various machine parts and equipment;

Ultrasonic Control

Ultrasonic non-destructive control of:
– front and corner welded joints;
– forgings, castings, rolled materials;
– articles of flat and complex shape;


Ultrasonic Thickness

Unilateral measurement of wall thicknesses of pipelines, pressure vessels and other details and facilities of metal or plastic.


Capillary Control

Color (daylight) method for detecting surface defects (cracks, welds, tears, pores, etc.) in welded joints, in metal surfaces of flat or complex shape.


Magnetic-dust control

Method for detection of surface and subsurface defects in ferromagnetic materials of different shapes.



Machinery and equipment repair and consultancy


Ship repair activity