Ladies and gentleman,

IRIDA – 22 LTD is pleased to present you its activity in the field of diagnostics of industrial equipment. The company has been on the market for more than 15 years and has professionals with extensive experience and practice in the field of energy, chemical and food industry.

The main factors on which our activity is based are:

-High level of qualification and professionalism of the personnel in the company;
-Use of modern high-tech diagnostic equipment;
-Evaluation of diagnostic results according to current norms and international standards;

The priority activities of IRIDA – 22 Ltd are:

-Vibro-diagnostics control of machines and equipment;
-Precision Laser Geometric Measurements;

As a result of these activities, we can offer you a complete technical solution in the presence of problems in the equipment being tested. Our main clients are enterprises of chemical, copper, food, chemical, energy and others.

We believe we can be of great use to you!