Балансиране на кардани

The company carries out dynamic balancing of cardan shafts with the following parameters:
– with two, three and four carriages;
– with one and two hanging camps;
– weighing 10 kg. to 800 kg;
– with a length of 0.5m to 6.0m;
– with a qualitative factor, as standard or as required by the client.


– Balancing is performed on belt drives and on sliding bearings;
– Parameters of Balanced Details:
– weighing 3.0 kg. to 1,580 kg;
– 300mm to 4.5m in length. 

Балансиране на колянови валове


Балансиране на турбини



– balancing of compressor and turbine rotors is carried out on a stand on roller or prismatic supports;
– the rotors are introduced into the norms in accordance with the requirements of ISO 1940 Part 1 and BS 6861 Part 1;
– in the case of asymmetric rotors the permissible residual unbalance is determined for each of the balancing planes;