The company has a standard stationary test for balancing of rotors with weights:
– from 0.1 kg to 10 kg;
– from 10 kg. to 1,500 kg;
– weight of 1 200 to 12 000kg.
/ diameter up to 3 500mm and distance between
cervical support up to 4 000 mm /



Балансиране на ротори




Opportunities for balancing on stand are:
– weight of 3 kg. up to 12,000 kg;
– drive cardan or belt with smooth adjustment of the rotation speed;
– balancing quality up to 0,001 g * mm / kg;
In case of injured bearing necks balancing can be done on a stand in its own bearings.
For rotors weighing more than 12 000 kg. balancing takes place at the workplace, provided access to the places to remove or add balancing weights.




Depending on the type of the impeller is effected:
– one-plainbi-plain илиtri-plane balancing.
Extremely good results are obtained in the balancing of the impeller the fan in his place of work. Rpm from 300 up to 60 000 rpm.
In balancing the rig can be balance impellers with the following parameters:
– Stand I:
– diameter up to 2 000 mm;
– weight up to 1 500 kg.
– Stand II:
– diameter up to 500mm;
– weight up to 10 kg.
– Stand III:
– diameter up to 3 500 mm;
– weight of 1 200 to 12 000 kg.
– distance between support cages up to 4 000 mm.
Very good results are obtained when the fan impeller is balanced on the bench together with the establishment and his shaft bearings.

Балансиране на вентилатори