Центровка In the past methods of alignment have been extremely labor intensive. The existence of many potential sources of error, lack of accuracy have led to low scores. In today’s technological world, modern machinery and precision equipment requirement for accuracy is an essential prerequisite. Nearly 50% of the rotating equipment, unexpected downtimes due to misalignment. Misalignment of the rotating equipment has been appearing and appears to be the reason for the large economic losses for any industry in the world.


Misalignment leads to:
– Reduce the reliability of the equipment;
– Poor-quality output;
– Unscheduled downtime;
– Increased energy consumption.

Alignment of Machinery leads to:
– Increase the reliability of the equipment;
– Increasing the production time of the equipment;
– Reduce energy consumption;
– High-quality output.


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Good alignment – a prerequisite for extending machine life

Laser optical alignment given by 10 to 100 times better accuracy compared to traditional methods. The laser alignment method allows you to measure the alignment of the rollers of any position in seconds, regardless of the dimensions of the machines
“Irida-22” Ltd. has modern equipment based on laser technology, the use of which is simple, easy and gives reliable results.